The Digital Stadium: Creating Community in Online Games

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A recent ค้นพบประสบการณ์คาสิโน UFABET ที่ดีที่สุด survey showed that fans are looking for more reasons to leave the comfort of their homes and head to stadiums. Yet, merely meeting the basics—from concessions and navigation to a good seat, sound system and TV—isn’t enough. Stadium owners need to deliver a truly extraordinary experience to keep fans coming back again and again.

Rights holders are integrating data-based solutions into game-day operations, and that’s informing how traditional venues modernize their digital infrastructure as well as new ones being built from the ground up. For instance, at the recently opened SoFi Stadium in Qiddah City, Saudi Arabia, Deloitte digital specialists helped ensure that technology upgrades and new systems were properly integrated to drive operational efficiency and an optimal fan experience.

The Digital Stadium: Creating Community in Online Games

To do that, the team defined guest personas and used them to guide requirements for technology, content, and more. Then, they helped design a native mobile app that would become the central hub for the entire experience. The app could link a ticket to a seat, automatically provide machine-generated highlights and stats personalized to each fan, and offer sponsored incentives for visiting stores, bars, restaurants and other activities in the multi-use stadium complex.

A robust network of displays was also deployed throughout the stadium. Starting outside, fans were greeted with transit, wayfinding and marquee ribbon displays. Once inside, they were guided through concourse and club displays to their seats, and were able to follow all the action on the main video display.

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