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stairlift company near me

Buying a stair lift involves having professionals measure your staircase for an accurate fit and talk you through the options, including pre-owned lifts. Companies often offer many customizations and bonus features that can add to the price. Choosing a company with the highest ratings for customer service and a good reputation for quality is important.

Stairlift companies near me are motorized devices that ride along a track (straight or curved, indoor or outdoor) to carry you up and down your stairs safely. They’re used by people with limited mobility to overcome the physical challenges of climbing up and down stairs at home. A professional will install the track and mounting brackets to securely fasten the stair lift to your stairs. They’ll also install charging stations at the top and bottom of the stairs so it can charge while not in use.

Navigating Your Local Options: How to Choose the Right Stairlift Company

The stair lift company near me you choose should provide a warranty to cover parts and labor in case of a breakdown or damage. Ask about the duration of the warranty and if there are any restrictions on usage or maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend having a professional service and safety check carried out annually, but this isn’t always included in the warranty agreement. A few reputable stair lift companies include this in the cost of the installation. Ask about what’s covered in the warranty to make sure you know exactly what to expect from your stair lift.

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