How to Hide Hidden Comments on Facebook

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Hidden comments on fb  on fb are not visible to anyone other than the commenter and their friends. The commenter won’t be notified when the comment is hidden, and there is no way to reply to hidden comments. You can revert the status of a hiHdden comment to public by clicking on the three tiny dots and choosing “Unhide Comment.” The comment will become visible to the entire group and any replies to it will also be displayed.

While hiding comments is a great tool, you should never hide negative feedback that could potentially harm your business. Instead, try to address these comments through direct messages or another private channel. This will help you avoid the negative fallout that might come from a public response and may even turn the user into a loyal follower or customer.

Transparency Matters: Navigating the Pitfalls of Fake Engagement and Hidden Activity in Social Media

To hide a comment on fb, click or tap the icon to the right of the comment you want to hide. It will then appear blurred and only the commenter and their friends will see it. This will not notify the commenter that you hid their comment, and they may not realize it until they check again or someone else tells them.

Hide a comment is great for dealing with hateful language, spam, self-promotion, inappropriate content, irrelevant links or images, or anything else that violates Facebook’s community standards. You can still delete, report, and ban the user if they continue to break the rules.

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