How Does Resin Floor Cost Differ From Tiled Flooring?

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When compared to tiled resin floor cost per m2 is generally more expensive, but this is usually because the substrate needs to be prepared properly and the product may require multiple coats to ensure a hard-wearing finish. This adds time to the overall project and costs.

As with all floor coating projects, the price will depend on a number of variables. For example, a large commercial or industrial project is likely to have higher cost per square metres than a small residential job. This is because there is often a large initial mobilization of equipment and manpower.

Another factor that impacts resin floor cost is the quality of the substrate. If it is in poor condition and requires some sort of preparation such as shot blasting, diamond grinding or scarifying this can significantly increase the overall cost.

Evaluating Resin Floor Cost per Square Meter: What You Need to Know

The type of resin used will also have an impact on the final cost. Some products are better suited to specific environments than others, for example, polyurethane is highly resistant to heat and chemicals but not as strong as epoxy which is ideal for industrial settings.

The final cost of a resin floor can be influenced by the amount of color, decorative flakes or specialist aggregates added to the coating. This can all increase the overall cost of a project but does provide a superior finish and long-term value for money when compared to standard tiling. The Black Bear Coatings & Concrete team value-engineer bespoke floors for industrial and commercial spaces, taking into account environmental factors that might impact their longevity. This ensures a flawless installation that can be completed during business hours, minimizing disruption and keeping operations running smoothly.

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