EV Charging Bay Markings

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EV Charging Bay Markings

If you want to future-proof your business and install charging points, it is important to get EV Charging Bay Markings that are visible to drivers. This will help to ensure that vehicles are parked in the correct places and are not being used by non-EV cars or vans. It will also reduce the likelihood of a driver being issued a fine for parking in a space they should not be.

EV Charging Bay Markings are designed to be easily visible in any car park and clearly identify the areas as reserved for electric vehicles. They usually feature a green background and an EV charging symbol with white lines and outer borders. They can be applied to concrete or asphalt surfaces. Our professional team has top state-of-the-art line marking and stencil spraying equipment that allows us to create a wide variety of designs and colours for EV bays, including custom logos and other symbols and signs. We use premium traffic paint that is both hard-wearing and long lasting, so your EV bay markings will stay bright and clear for years to come.

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Our EV markings are made from ArmourLine, which is tried and tested to be the most durable line marking product on the market. It is a preformed thermoplastic that is designed to be durable and weather resistant, which will allow your markings to stay visible even after a lot of usage. We can provide a free quote for any EV markings you require, whether you need a single one or several bays in different sizes and locations around your car park.

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