Dental Implants – The Basics

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Dental Implant Specialist are high-tech replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. They may even help to prevent bone loss in the jaw where a tooth has been missing for an extended period of time.

Unlike dentures, which can slip out of place or become loose, implants are securely anchored in the jaw. This means you can eat a wider variety of foods and can speak with confidence, without fear that your implant will come out. Implants also restore bite force, which is essential for good chewing and digestion.

The Benefits of Dental Implants: Restoring Your Smile and Confidence

The first step in getting dental implants is a consultation with your doctor. They will examine your mouth, take X-rays and 3D images and create models of your teeth and jaw. They will explain the benefits of dental implants and answer any questions you have.

If the bone in your jaw is too thin or soft to support an implant, you’ll need a bone graft before the surgery. This involves placing a piece of natural bone from another part of your body or a synthetic bone-substitute material to build up the bone. It takes several months for the bone to grow in and around the graft.

The second step is surgery to place your implant. This procedure is done under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. If you choose sedation, you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home afterward.

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