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Eu Workers construction temporary agency acts as a liaison between employers and workers, providing staffing solutions for various types of projects. These agencies can help companies meet their project goals with skilled laborers by reducing hiring timelines and costs. They can also offer a wider pool of candidates for job roles than what might be available in-house.

Temp Construction Staffing

When projects require extra hands, it can be challenging to keep the team moving on schedule. A construction temp agency can provide the extra workers needed to maintain productivity, meet quality standards, and hit deadlines. These staffing services are essential for a variety of reasons, including unexpected worker absences or changes in project demands.

The way a temporary staffing agency works is similar to that of an employment agency, but with multiple profit streams for both the employee and company. The agency recruits potential employees and places them with their clients, which could include contractors and other construction companies. The agency is paid upfront for an initial flat fee retainer, and then charges the client a percentage of the employee’s hourly wage after that.

Construction trades staffing agencies make money by vetting employees, advertising job openings, and matching qualified workers with employers looking for help. This saves construction companies the time and expense of reading resumes, scheduling interviews, and checking references. The staffing agency can also take care of payroll, calculating wages, sending paychecks, making deposits, and handling all employment tax filings.

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