Weed Vaporizer – Which Weed Vaporizer is Right For You?

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Vaporizer Bud the past, stoners enjoyed their cannabis exclusively in joints, blunts, edibles, or bowls. Today, however, a growing number of people have put down those old-school methods and picked up vaporizers instead. But what are vaporizers, exactly, and how do they differ from traditional smoking methods?

Basically, a vaporizer heats your cannabis (or oil) by heating it with an electric coil. When the coil gets hot enough, it vaporizes the essential oils in your weed, and those oils contain the psychoactive compounds that produce the desired effects. This method of consumption is supposedly safer, cleaner, and more convenient than smoking.

Weed Vaporizers and Health: Safety Considerations for UK Users

Weed vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, from portable pens to home desktop units that can be used with either dry herb or concentrates. There are also hybrid devices like the Volcano Hybrid from Storz & Bickel that allow you to switch between the two types of weed and use whichever one you feel like at the time.

The AirVape XS Go is an excellent option for dry herb vaping if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank; it’s super small and easy to use, and its battery will last for ages on a full charge. If you’re willing to spend a little more, the highly popular Pax 3 Special Royal Queen Seeds Edition or DaVinci IQ2 are both top-notch choices that offer silky smooth hits and durable designs.

Another excellent choice is the Mig Vapor Torpedo, which offers a large chamber and high-quality construction at under PS60. It’s a bit more expensive than the AirVape XS Go, but it is a lot better-looking and feels great in your hand.

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