The Outcome of Watch Customizing

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Outcome of Watch Customizing

For most brands, especially those who produce watches in large numbers, the idea of taking a specific customer’s unique concept and having it modified into an actual watch can be daunting. It means stopping production to retool machines for a new part, and that can easily cost weeks of lost production time.

Outcome of Watch Customizing, some savvy companies are offering their own take on the customization trend, which involves offering customers the ability to customize a pre-existing watch through digital configurators. The first of these was Armin Strom, which pioneered the concept three years ago and others have followed suit. Then there are companies such as Tempus Machina that essentially reimagine vintage Rolex watches, taking standard off the shelf models and making them resemble some of the most coveted pieces from their archives.

Craftsmanship Unveiled: The Outcome of Watch Customizing

In terms of the future, these kinds of bespoke models may be a way for a brand to keep its value while still meeting demand for a customized timepiece. However, if the process is abused, then it could create functional issues that could negatively impact the watch’s longevity.

That’s why some discerning collectors are opting to work directly with a brand, rather than a third party, for their personalization needs. At Cartier, for example, the company’s design team “works with the client to translate their ideas into a realistic sketch,” according to Murphy, who adds that several such custom watches that have gone up for auction recently have held their values.

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