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Over the years, white hot odyssey putter has released a variety of putter face inserts to help golfers get the best feel and performance. One of those, White Hot, was so successful that it earned a cult following among pros and recreational golfers alike. This year, the company rolled out a line of White Hot OG putters featuring the original two-part urethane insert in six ultra-premium head shapes.

The insert, derived from the same material as Callaway’s Rule 35 golf ball, is firm to the touch but behaves like softer materials at impact. As a result, it delivers a consistent ratio of roll to force applied during the stroke to maximize putt consistency. Other inserts can feel too soft or too quiet at impact, leading to inconsistent distance control on long putts. The OG’s unique design minimizes this type of error by creating a sound that matches the force of the stroke to the expected roll.

Pure Precision: Exploring the Excellence of the White Hot Odyssey Putter

Each head in the OG line features a rich silver PVD finish and fine milling on the surfaces. This provides a premium look that is distinct from other White Hot putters. Additionally, each model is precisely fitted with a gray DFX rubber grip popular on tour.

These putters are ideal for golfers who prefer a more traditional look at address, but also want to take advantage of the OG’s softer feel on shorter putts. This includes players who prefer a slightly toe-hung blade or a more face-balanced mallet shape such as the Rossie or classic 2-Ball.

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