New Australian Passport Cover

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The australian passport cover is introducing the new R Series passport, which has advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting and identity theft. The department says the design is original and reflects Australia, while the sophisticated technology protects travellers’ identities and personal information. The agency also says it is international best practice to upgrade and refresh the security features of travel documents every 5-10 years.

The new passport is being rolled out from September and through 2022, replacing the P series. The new photo page is made of tough, high-security, layered polycarbonate, which makes it harder to tamper with. It is also textured and printed with a map of the country, as well as a radio antenna for the embedded ePassport chip. The visa pages feature 17 prints of iconic landscapes from around the country, which morph into unique nightscapes and reveal hidden species of native fauna when viewed under ultraviolet light. This continues the inclusion of Indigenous artwork in Australian passports.

Travel Essentials: Australian Passport Covers for Every Explorer

The front inside cover of the passport is embossed with two kangaroos in Indigenous style, as a nod to the country’s heritage and its Aboriginal people. It is also embossed with a gold-coloured seal and the country’s name, and the cover has a red stripe of gold along its edge.

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