Choosing a Boat Lift

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A boat lifts elevates your vessel out of the water — a great way to protect it from serious issues like blistering on the hull and irreparable damage from rain and wind. Keeping your water vessel out of the water also makes it easier to board and access for loading, unloading, cleaning and maintenance. And, it’s an effective deterrent for unauthorized use and theft by unwanted guests.

Smooth Launches Every Time: Installing a Boat Lift

Boat lifts operate with a hydraulic system, and a control switch (or remote) to lower the boat and raise it back up again. Some lifts feature a wireless remote to give you enhanced convenience and allow you to operate your lift from several hundred feet away.

When choosing a boat lift, make sure it’s built to accommodate the loaded weight of your boat, as well as its dimensions. You’ll also want to choose a lift that fits your specific shoreline and area. For example, water depth measurements, soil firmness and wave/wake conditions should all be considered.

Floating lifts are ideal for areas with shallow water, as they don’t require mounting on a sea wall or pier. They work on a surprisingly simple principle based on air and buoyancy. They contain tanks that displace air or water depending on the size of your boat, and many leading manufacturers build them with durable polyethylene to withstand saltwater and other harsh marine environments. This allows them to withstand the elements and last for years without leaking.

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